just another day for u & me in paradise

i know some may think it’s a bit crazy to drop off the kids in oregon to go to hawaii – a bit out of the way – but aside from the time changes & airplane fatigue, it ended up pretty good. our time in kauai, alone, was worth all the planning, saving and traveling. we were so affectionate & attentive to ea.other – like two lil honeymooners – in fact, many people there assumed and kept asking us if we were, & when we replied “no, we’re here for our 10-yr anniversary”, they were pretty shocked. it was so refreshing to not worry about schedules or kids or anything, really. ricky wanted to hang out in the water or on the beach & i wanted to do the more adventurous stuff (like cliff-jumping over a waterfall & zip-lining) so we managed a good combo of each! we also enjoyed the tropical scenery & restaurants…oh, the food…i miss you, my yummmy south pacific bbq pulled pork, pineapple..and you too, my favorite frozen treat ~ shave-ice with homemade macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom (stand by as i day-dream…)

it’s unfortunate that r. did get strep throat while we were there, as well as gigi & braylon- both diagnosed, but treated quickly. angel, r. & i came down with a different (tummy) virus after returning, but i trust we’re on the mend now. i read some great scriptures about healing today in my power of a praying wife book. so glad i have the word to give me some hope whenever i need it.

praise the lord for such a great time we had without family – and reuniting with family – even with the reeves 4, papa rick & granny, jeremy, jamie & tyler – we had a great time hangin’ out last saturday.

i would say, “it’s all g” like the hawaiian locals, but i’ll switch it up this time & say, “he’s all g” jus cuz he is.


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