Angel baby, you have many characteristics to your name. Perhaps one day you they will be characteristics of you.

Angels are worshipers. I pray that you will learn what it means to live a life of worship to the Father and continually be acknowledging Him even in the small decisions you are to make and in the small gifts you are to receive. You will sing with your voice (Stimmel is German for voice)…I know you will – it’s in your blood – and you will use it to worship the Giver of your voice and to bring others into His presence.

Angels are warriors. I pray that you will be a fighter. That people who see you see a magnificant grace about you, but also see a strength that is not your own. They will fear you for the authority in you. And you will pray for them, just like your great-grandmother, Carol was a prayer warrior, like your grandmother, Marda prays and like I pray.

Angels are messengers. You have a sweet innocence and a resounding smile. May you use your smile and your kind words to minister to your friends, just like angels ministered to Jesus (Matt.4:10). In a dark hour after being tempted & telling the enemy to get away from him, He needed those angels & God sent them. I just learned about this original word that was used: they were “diakone’o” (dee-ak-on-eh’-oh), meaning, as an attendant, to wait upon and minister as unto a friend. I pray that you will be a messenger of truth to people who need to be set free from bondage…ministering to those in need, even if it be by one of your simple, sweet smiles.


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