My New Passion

i am liking photography more & more. i drove to houston friday & back saturday, & on the way home, my eyes were being continually drawn to the scenery. it was as if nature kept pulling at me & whispering “capture me!”…”how bout now – capture me!” … “pull over now – you won’t see me again!” so i kept finding myself pulling over & taking shots. one series was at a beautiful nearly hidden lime-green swamp. i don’t know how my eye caught it going 60mph. i crept as close as i could, and through the worship music blaring in my headphones i heard some kind of creature plopping itself into the water. shortly after, tryin to get a shot of a tree, i got so close to a spider in its web that my camera strap bounced against it, and the spider (a 3″ banded garden spider) readjusted. this thing was so big i briefly thought it was a tiny frog caught in a web!

anyway, hope yall enjoy these pics (search word: Texas) from an amateur photographer. i knew i took that wrong turn for a reason.


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