so last night @ about 11:30, r & i were watchin’ the bonus features of a movie and down the hall walks our boy, sayin’ all upset, “daddy, daddy?  i can’t find them – i can’t find my… necklaces” –  he was stumblin’ around the couch with eyes half open…and we looked at each other and knew he had to be sleep-walkin’. as he made his way over the baby gate & into the kitchen, he was still mumbling about finding his necklaces. i was about to get up to lead him gently back to bed, and then we heard it…was it water he was spilling? was he getting some from the fridge door? nope. he’d dropped his drawers and, thinking he was in the bathroom, started emptying a full bladder all over the dishwasher. wide-eyed, we jumped up & i said ‘it’s too late’. we let him finish and then i picked him up & laid him back in his bed-his eyes rolled back as i pulled his soft cap’n jack blanket over him. this morning when i told him about it at breakfast, we all just giggled! ~~~~~~~~~i have a feeling that wont be the last time. sleep walking & talking runs in the russ genes (cuz i love & respect him, i won’t tell all the stories of his dad)!


One thought on “Sleeeepeeee

  1. tam December 7, 2007 / 10:04 am

    Last week Kassidi had fallen to sleep well before any of us had. Kota was still up in his room playing XBOX. She woke up, thinking it was morning, gets out of bed walks past Kota playing in his room and tells him to come with her to get breakfast. He looks at her and asks, “Breakfast?” She says, “Yes, come on!” Soooo, he does! He follows her into the kitchen and asks her why she’s making breakfast. She said cause it was morning. He broke the news to her that it was 11:30 PM! She got frustrated and went back to bed! I think the oddest thing about this is that Kota actually went along with his Sis!

    It runs in our fam too!

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