This Friday

Lord, I dont really know where to start, but i pray your protection over those of us performing at starbucks this friday. in ev. area of our lives – our emotional health- keep us from causing or taking offenses – our physical health – keep us from getting sick to any degree, as well as our families; make them perfectly well. and our spiritual health: i want to be used the way you intend – nothing more, nothing less.i pray a special anointing over every song and that its words speak directly to the hearts of those listening, that they would see you in a new light & open their hearts up to you in ways they haven’t before. above all, i pray for unity as a team doing battle for your cause and the discipline to dress ourselves in your armor so that we are not attacked from this moment on. oh, can u just see satan tremble with his little pointed tail between his legs? rather, that we stand firm – play & sing with ‘arms linked together’-whatever our backgrounds or pasts-  for the sole cause of proclaiming your name & the power of your grace in the public places. not my will, but yours be done this weekend – decrease my lame efforts & increase yours so that i will be invisible there in light of the message.  Is.55 says these words will not come out of my mouth w/o accomplishing what you set out for them to – not one will return void! well, i stand on the promise that they will sow seeds for which they were purposed when they were first penned. let your glory fall on this place and prepare the hearts of those coming to hear and be fed. bring the broken hearted there.  lead the lonely. lead the oppressed, the selfish, the searching and those who feel inadequate. and release them from the bondage of sin and of depression as they listen to those anointed words.i praise you. i give you all the honor and glory. i will never stop lifting up your name, for you are the greatest. the greatest of ALL TIME!


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