dec. 25th – a new, different celebration

we have been super blessed this yr. to spend christmas with lots of family…just not the family we’re used to spending it with. it was different, but fun. loud, but unforgettable : ) i wouldn’t trade spending time with extended family for anything…especially when it’s time spent w/our kids’ great-grammas & grampas. chr.eve was spent in arp, tx. w/papa rick, grannie and deenie – watchin’ e.t., shrek the 3rd and toy story 2, opening presents – angel got her 1st real-life baby doll that opens and closes her eyes & bray got a cool gun that shoots mini-marshmallows! – and we ate the most delicious meal jan prepared…topped off w/several servings of deenie’s incomparable ‘chocolate delight’. we had a great time just talkin, eatin’, taking in the beautiful scenery there & playing w/toys & w/their new rescue-dog ~ a pretty black & gold cocker spaniel named was also memorable w/the ebner side of the family in kilgore- eatin’ a great big lunch @ brenda’s w/cousin corey & megan’s lil family too – what fun with all the kiddos. aunt brenda makes the best stuffing ever…& the pies? i could go on & on, but aunt sherry made 3 pies & transported them in a custom pie carrier proudly hand-crafted by uncle frank, bit by bit over the last 2 years. kent & sunny made conversations interesting as always, but kent had a bad sore throat which limited his speaking. he may have left a gift of a cold & sinus infection w/us b4 leaving 4 elgin again. we heard he threw up twice on the way home! : ( other gifts – too many to recall – were opened w/huge smiles & thankful hearts in front of gam’s biggest tree. it was ornately decorated w/her hand-made jeweled & beaded christmas balls. sam and brenda did such a great job helping her; it was all so beautiful. i pray the lord blesses the whole family here in tx, as well as our families in oregon…who know just how much we miss & love them. can’t wait til i fly up w/angel jan.7th! praise the lord. he has been so good to us.


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