workin it out

He spoke to me earlier this week. it ws so cool. i was praying @ the mirror about my marriage (which is fine, but could b better) asking God to speak 2 me & before i was thru thinking those words, i heard “I’m working”– isnt that weird? it’s cool though! like he cut me off to remind me that he is always doing his thing behind the scenes, just dukin’ it out…just workin’ it out.
i was kind of thinking he was just sitting back watching us dog-paddle in our sea of selfishness & doubt & so i started to plea. can u just hear him saying in a new york accent, “I’m workin’ here! don’t worry ’bout it!” ~ a good reminder. i wrote it on my bathroom white-board so i don’t forget it thru-out the week.

hey you never know, he might have a new york accent.


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