my mom n dad’s visit to our humble abode

soooo…both bruce (dad, papa) and marda (mom, gigi) arrived in a rental car the 19th & stayed here til the 26th. it was a really good time. they were so involved!! wanted to see & experience our daily routines (like walking to bray’s school to pick him up). it’s been over a week now, so lets see what highlites i can remember of the visit!


tues. ∞ they arrived just in time to say hellos & good-nites to bray who was anxious to lead them in a tour of our home. it was a beautiful, warm evening & so exciting!

wed. → r. took the day off and we all just hung out. went to a dollar store & local coffee shop, saw a bunch of hutto hippo statues. mom helped me make kitchen valences w/some new retro-floral fabric that matches my chair-seat covers. that afternoon, mom & dad went w/us to bray’s 1st dentist appt in a long time. it went super well, in spite of news of cavities. and afterwards, papa bruce took us on a railroad adventure behind the dentist’s lot in cedar park. we had a blast exploring car after car of 1920’s trains!! later that night, we hopped on bray’s bed & watched the top 12 ‘american idol’ girls perform took us to target & we got some fun home decor~ rugs, window coverings, a lamp for washing dishes by, little trinkets for angel & bray

fri. ↔ mom walked w/me to pick up bray from school – and later, we walked around the neighborhood together

sat. ♦ slept in & decided to meet up w/dad in san antonio! we arrived about 3, met him near the hotel he was staying in for his biz-trip, saw his room on the 10th story, walked around town & saw the sights -like the beautiful but busy ‘river walk’ (which is where we spent most of our time), the friendship tower, all the old buildings, and ate @ the jungle cafe’! it was like dinner @ disneyland, to braylon. 3 stories of fountains, trees, branches, snakes, fish, elephants, gorillas, a huge alligator in a swamp, thunder-n-lightning storms & a live frog that went from table to table hugging the kiddos. angel was kinda freaked out by him. for dessert, we had a ginormous caramel brownie volcano w/a sparkler in the middle. as if that all wasn’t memorable enuf, mom got several souvenirs from the gift shop like rocks, shirts, an alligator & stuffed tiger. mom stayed there w/dad & they saw the alamo together that nite, lit up in all its glory.

sun.◊ papa & gigi met us @ the starbucks in r.r. where i sang a few mo.s ago, & followed us to frank & sherry’s house. frank treated us to papadaux’s, a favorite seafood place. the hour-wait was worth the food. the fellowship was great too : ) we missed sherry though, as she had to stay home sick. bray & angel did really well. i loved the cedar-plank salmon. & dad visited the LBJ library, & then in the afternoon they joined angel & i as we walked to get bray frm school. we saw his classroom & teacher mrs. boyd, & on the way home, the wetlands, water-tower & tennis courts. we all piled in the scion & were off to gattiland for food & game-room fun! Bray loved playing jurassic park, air hockey & gatti-ball (ski-ball). later, we all had chicken spaghetti for dinner & just stayed up chattin’ about the wonders of the cosmos… and then ideas for dad’s new photography website

tues. ¤ dad wanted to go to ihop or the waffle house, but we didnt want to try & find them, so we settled on this lil place called 620 cafe & bakery. turned out to be a cute & friendly place w/personality. our server, regina was great. we got outa there just in time to surprise bray @ school again! he jumped up, face lit up, and started hugging us all there in the cafeteria. he introduced his friends, hannah, trevor, & jacob h to his papa & gigi, & then we sat @ the family table w/him for a little while.

off they went to catch a flight home ’round noon. it was lots of fun…and we can’t wait to do it again, hopefully in late june.

love love love!!

for pics! hop over to:


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