1 cor. 6:19,20 (amp)

do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God?

you are not your own

you were bought with a price [purchased w/a preciousness & paid for, made His own].  so then, honor God & bring glory to Him in your body.


2 thoughts on “1 cor. 6:19,20 (amp)

  1. chelaners March 3, 2008 / 9:01 pm

    Well I hope that God likes ice cream, because thats what he is getting inside of me!!! 🙂

  2. chelan March 7, 2008 / 1:49 pm

    whatever! i dont remember approving this comment! oh, it’s cuz someone is posing as ME, writing it, Mr. “J. Handy”

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