papa & grannie’s visit

another set of g-parents graced us with a visit this past weekend! they stayed over friday night after we went out to chili’s for a delish. dinner. later, about 8 or 9pm we watched the movie, ‘amazing grace’ on projector in our ‘movie room’…and let bray snuggle up w/them for the first part. it was so sweet.

we went out again for breakfast – this time to the 620 deli & bakery. yuuuuum! we had fun talkin’ & catchin’ up…& we also went over to the round rock premium outlets! that was cool too. b. always gets a cookie on a stick when we go there. i picked up some very cute easter outfits for the kiddos, at the children’s place. a white very ruffly sun dress for angel & a matching patchwork hat & tie for bray. love it!! maybe nxt time we’ll tour an ice creamery; bray’s been asking how it’s made. anyway, the whole time w/papa & grannie was really great. we love those guys!!!!

pics to come  :  )


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