sorry for today (a poem)

(written for my son just after becoming pregnant with angel in april, ’06) 

i know i didn’t play with you enough today

i think i only hugged you one time

with pride, you tried to tell me something you did

i looked right through your eyes so wide

i should have taught you more than i did today

by the time i remembered, the time slipped away

i had the best idea, “how ’bout a fun-center ride!”

then i thought of some errands and i put it aside

i could have bought you more than i did today

and watched a wave of wonderment light up your face

and we would have gone exploring on an afternoon walk

but i never got ready, not until three o’clock 

i’m sorry for today

you deserved much more of me

tomorrow when we wake, you’ll see my love, the core of me

i’m sorry for today

i still love – you know that, right?

tomorrow when we wake, we’ll fly…we’ll fly!

tomorrow when we wake, we’ll fly


One thought on “sorry for today (a poem)

  1. Uncle J-dube April 2, 2008 / 3:46 pm

    Ok maybe its me just being married now or maybe is just me being me. But Chelan you and Rick are such great parents. I look at Braylon and know Angel and think of how I never see them unhappy. I know you probably see them at times cranky and all, but wow you are incredible together with the two of them. Please know I see you two as such a team when it comes to your kids. Keep up the great work, I see to many familys as a teacher that don’t really get it. Well you guys get it. Keep loving you kids and lead them to Christ.

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