help me, use me

Lord God,

it seems silly to ask you to help me to have more faith or to trust in you more, or to live my life fully submitted to your authority and the authority of those you’ve placed over me. but that’s what i’m doing. i want these things for my life, yet i know i can’t accomplish anything without you. whatever i do, it’s in vain without your guidance & wisdom. help me to never speak ill of anyone, especially those who have spoken ill of me & those who you’ve placed over me. help me to be like king david, a blesser of those who curse me. for this, i really need your help. and to write, sing, & do kind acts with right motives…to see my boundaries and respect them, and refuse to take on more responsibility than what you have called me to.  show me my ministry, with clarity, so that i can make an impact for you. draw me to those i need to collaborate with and draw them to me. use my life in word & deed for your glory. infect people with your love like a sweet airborne disease with no vaccine. no one will be able to hide from it. it’s in the starry host, the tops of billowy clouds, a leaf winding its way down a creek. it’s in an unexpected smile, longer eye contact. a gentle touch on a child’s face, and in quality time, made for  & invested in your beloved. remember that scene in the lion king when simba is so upset & looks at his reflection in the water, only to look closer and see mufasa? it made all the difference for him when he saw nothing in himself, to be reminded that the power and royalty of the king, his father, was also in him. i want to speak and act in that authority, believing it is what makes me who i am. i really love you, Lord.

your princess, chelan 


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