update on the girly

baby girl went to a well check visit at austin regional clinic (arc) yest. and altho she’s pretty extraordinary, it looks like she’s physically ordinary – in the 15th % for her height & weight – a lil petite. angel got her chicken pox & hep a shots. she us’ly only cries for like 20 seconds. what a lil trooper. so…her recent mini-fits when we lay her down @ night are prob. due to your avg.toddler behavior – testing us to see if we’ll rescue her. we decided w/the dr. to let her cry 15 min. b4 goin’ in, but not picking her up, just verbally comforting her & giving her gentle touches. we’ll lay her bck down & re-binky, maybe sing or pray for her & leave again. it’ll b hard 4me to resist picking her up & rocking her w/her head on my chest…but i sure wont miss the screaming in my ear when that backfires. i just love the closeness & the calm that it can bring, but we can do that during the day b4 naps sometimes.night-time routine is important. i have2 exercise more discipline w/bedtimes!!
hers will be 8 & bray’s 8:30. mine will be no later than 11. that’ll gimme/us a good 2hrs of creative time @ night. i’ll wake up refreshed, ready for devotions, play time w/kids & errands.
God help me!

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