give and take

what does that really mean when we say to God, ‘You give and take away’? i think it can mean he gives us blessings when he wants to, and can take them back at any time if it’s his will…but also it can mean he gives us storms to perfect us and when we have learned to lean on him, learned perseverance, learned patience to greater degree, he can easily take away that storm and calm our seas again. a few examples i thought of:

* we got this fifty-something inch big screen from a close relative who upgraded to a plasma. wow, for free? thank you God! we wheel it in the truck, successfully get it down and in the house &…all the guns are off. it takes a full hour to warm up, & even then the top third of the screen is still ‘jiggling’. $90 of repair costs later, we find it’ll take $500 to fully fix. so it’s in our garage now.

* some long-time friends of ours were trying to conceive, finally did, and half way thru the preg. found the baby had a brain development issue. we saw them thru the premature birth, praying w/the whole church & young married class, to hear the news of baby josiah’s death 4 dys later. @ his mem’l svc many decided to live as followers of Christ, & the parents have been able to spread hope, as well as grieve w/people in similar sit’ns, ever since. God gave to them a healthy son shortly after, & they’re now ready to adopt. a very, very strong couple who let tragedy strengthen them, & in doing so, have greatly affected others.

* last night angel was screaming her head off for a while- her teeth woke her up just as we were drifting off to sleep. it just happens, i know. but i felt so bad for her. he gave me the opportunity to hear her cry, to walk in her room to see my wonderful husb. already holding her, to pray for her, & give her medicine. he gave me the resolve to walk away when i could do no more. he gave me the wisdom to call my dad… & after a little bit, i found the numbing gel he suggested, and it all subsided in 1minute. now it’s morning again & i get to hear her cooing in her crib for me. so off i go : )

… but i’d love 2 hear more examples of how God has given & then taken away.


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