…so i was reading in ‘judges 4’ about this guy named barak

(prob. they guy ‘obama’ was named after) b/c he was named in

hebrews 11’s faith chapter. i came across this woman named jael

& thought, ‘hmmm, that was one of the names in the running

when i was preg. with angel!’ this gal welcomed a fleeing &

scared evil general, sisera, into her tent. he thought he had found

refuge, but read what happens:

Faced with a man who was far superior to her in physical strength, Jael used her wits and courage. She waited until he fell asleep & then took a wooden hammer used to put up her tent and one of the pegs that held the tent ropes, then with one expert blow she drove the peg deep into the side of Sisera’s head….right through his temple, and into the ground.

the version i read stated “and then he died.”

hmm, ya think? what a woman to be named after!


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