mother’s day for me

well, i didn’t want to forget the little details of the day, so thought i’d jot ’em down

¤ ricky got up about 10 min. after angel and braylon did, he made them breakfast and then came back into the bedroom where i was trying to wake up. he brought me cinnamon toast and a homemade hot latte’…mmmm which i devoured right then & there

¤ when i made it to the kitchen, bray & i finished a moms day craft where we took little tissue paper squares, squished them over a pencil eraser & glued them to make fluffy 3d wings & pedals of a butterfly & flower

¤ late morning i put angel down while ricky’s benedril took effect, & bray & i left them to sleep while we went on a nature hunt for scary branches (a re-decorating idea i have for angel’s room – not scary, just a nature/ woodland escape w/butterflies, birds, a picnic table & other foresty things).

¤ went we later watched some ‘what’s new scooby doo’ episodes w/him

¤ went to aunt sherry & uncle frank’s to go swimming & celebrate the day.  much of it was spent talking about reality shows & sherry’s ankle surgery next wk (like the chances of whether or not she’ll be able to quit smoking so it can heal. pretty slim i say, if she admits not really wanting to stop). terry & brandon, ricky’s cousins were there all day too (quite the rare occasion)! we all had a good time swimmin, talkin’ and carryin’ on

¤ braylon swam to ricky for the 1st time w/no floaties on his arms. even asking r. if he could do it while talking underwater…which earned him a new name he now wants to write on all his school papers: ‘bravelon

¤ angel just waddled around in her jungle ruffle bikini the whole time – signing, talkin’ gibberish, playin w/nickie the dog, and  i did manage to floatie her around the pool for 10 min. before the fountain kinda freaked her out

¤ when we left i got the biggest allergy attack & couldn’t keep my hands off my eyes for 15 minutes. as i (peck-n-) type this, my eyes are still swollen. i’m almost unrecognizable! but it’s late & the benedril is kickin in for me now, so all is well – especially when my hubby gave both kids a bath, (even washed angel’s hair for the first time!) & did their bedtime routines while i rested.

¤ when we arrived home, i could hardly open my eyes to walk in the house, so bray volunteered to take my hand & lead me to the door, thu the living rm & to my bed. he was so proud to be this helpful. it made him want to do more for me, so i said he could get me a wet wash cloth for my eyes, & he jumped to it coming back  w/one & gently dabbing it on my left eye, then right & then covering them both w/it. i thanked him ‘so much’

¤ later as i tucked braylon in & we did our good-nightly ramblings, i reitereated just how proud i was of him, not just for being brave, but for how a sunday school teacher told me he treated his classmates. one kid was jealous he had wheelies & punched him & then kicked him (right on a spider bite which re-opened & started bleeding again). he just stood there & not only forgave him but turned around & asked the boy if he’d like to borrow his shoes for a little while. ‘bless those who mistreat you’ – wow, he’s got that commandment down already?! wish i could say the same!


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