the best piece of info i’ve learned from dr. myles munroe is about a seed.

he wrote that God created everything once, and doesn’t have to create it again because within everything there is a seed to produce more of that thing. from plants to foods to animals to people…take an apple, for example. cut it open, place a seed from it in your hand, and you are holding a single apple seed. but are you really? no, if you see it as only a seed, you miss the entire point. within that seed is the potential to grow and become a tree. that tree, if protected, nurtured & fed will grow & eventually become a full tree with many apples of its own. each one of them has their own seeds to be able to produce hundreds more trees. so the fact is, if you hold a seed in your hand, it may look like a seed. but the truth is, you are holding a potential forest.

our enemy knows it, so this is why he tries to destroy everything of God’s, in its seed form, from the beginning, before it has the chance to grow & bring forth its potential. he targets that which is formed in God’s image (us), because he hates all that is of God, but specifically the youth and the unborn. abortion (of the human seed) has become rampant, 100,516 occurring every month, 137 every hour, one every 26 seconds. our youth have increasingly become more depressed & hopeless, leading to a teen suicide every hour & 45 minutes (triple the rate at 1970). it has become the 2nd leading cause of death in college students (those who should be primed & excited about discovering their life potential), & 3rd leading c.o.d. in 15-24yr-old youth. the more he kills, the more this generation & the next is held back from becoming all God has created it to become.

poetry & books will be never read.  melodies & songs will never be penned, listened to, or change the hearts of men. stories & testimonies will never be told, lessons never learned, legacies never left. they will continue to rot, untouched below the earth’s surface @ the richest place on earth, the graveyard.

God has placed many seeds inside of each of us. and it’s our duty to discover them, protect them, feed & nurture them so that we can grow to become more like God. for He is Omnipotent ~ the embodiment of all potential. and once we stop limiting His power in us, stop the excuses, & stop relying on ourselves, we free Him up to do mighty things. our families, communities, ministries & whether we believe it or not, our entire generation can be dramatically changed with the realized potential God has placed in each of us. as a child of God, i need to re-examine my life & ask myself, “am i allowing any person, negative attitude or fear to rob me of my great potential?” yes… i am. and it’s time for a change.


2 thoughts on “seeds

  1. Kathy May 18, 2008 / 4:24 pm

    Somebody I know has this saying in her (apple-decorated) kitchen: “Anyone can tell how many seeds are in an apple; but only God can tell how many apples are in a seed.”

    I appreciate your talking about abortion, and want to recommend for further information. She has a video up today that was aired in Britain, and it’s not easy to watch, but it might be something you may be able to share. Most of her posts are remembering women who died due to botched abortions, on the anniversary of their deaths.

    Also, as far as the teen depression and suicide rate that you mentioned — you may be interested in the book by Dr. Meg Meeker entitled “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters.” While she touches on a lot of subjects, at one point in the book, she calls teenage depression an “STD” because of the high prevalence of depression among sexually-active teens, and the low (or non-existence) level of depression among abstinent teens. She’s a pediatrician, and said that when she began her practice, she hardly ever saw a depressed patient, but in more recent years, she’s had a tremendous increase. Her colleagues have noted it as well.

    In Christ,

  2. chelaners May 28, 2008 / 9:03 am

    thanks kathy. wordpress filed your comment as spam (maybe b/c of the link?) so i just now got to reading it. very interesting stuff. i really like your friend’s quote about seeds. God bless, & thanks for reading!

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