thanks, God, for loving me. thanks for accepting me. i love that i don’t have to pretend around you; i couldn’t if i tried. my flaws and sins are before you every day. you created me, developed me, changed me, have given me a new name. i am yours.

you wrap your arms around me when i feel lonely. your presence calms me, & at the same time lifts me up, taking me far beyond the joys of a man’s touch, the taste of a perfectly made ‘americano with cream’ or the fleeting burst of creative passion i feel when i listen to a really great song. your presence in & around me is the best thing i can think of. period.

i can be myself, with unwashed hair, no make up, dressed in outdated clothes & come to you with my ever-changing fears & questions, struggles with selfishness & pride and still know…that no matter what, there are two things that will not change:

you love me.

you accept me.


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