burn us up, shane and shane!

my favorite song right now? ‘burn us up‘, by shane and shane. lyrics from the latest album, “pages“, display honesty and transparency, continually bringing the listener back to the most important source, Jesus Christ.

‘burn us up’, when you learn & sing it yourself, provides a fresh way to express to God a higher level of brokenness, surrender & complete devotion. ironically, this song gives me chills, especially when the music dies out a bit 3/4 into it as they sing, “and even if you don’t…even if you don’t, even if you don’t” and then builds again: “we will burn…” (sorry, couldn’t find a video w/this part!) …because isn’t that the level of intensity we as followers of Christ should strive for!? should we not believe God will deliver us from pain, affliction, & suffering for His name’s sake to this degree, saying, “God, even if you don’t save me immediately, i trust you & your ultimate plan for me! go ahead, throw me into the fire. to quote winston churchill & a little later, the count of monte cristo}, ‘do your worst.’ purify and refine me as gold, scraping the dross away until only your reflection remains.”

but it’s not just about the words they used from pages of their journals (sometimes difficult to understand, so i added them below). it’s talented instrumentation, catchy beats, at times beetlesish harmonies & syncopated inflections that help me rejoice, dance in the bathroom, bringing me straight into God’s presence.

i got the whole album on itunes, but if you just have a dollar to spare, this is the song i suggest:


There were three
Before the king
There were three who wouldn’t bow to him
For when you heard
The music play
And you were standing you would burn.
They looked at him and said…

Burn us up! Burn us up! Burn us up!
Oh king won’t you burn us in the furnace of
Your desire
We give up! We give up! We give up!
Oh king won’t you burn us in the furnace of
Your desire!
Won’t you throw us in the fire!

The king enraged
At what they said
Sent the three away to find their death
The palace stopped in unbelief
When the guilty raised their hands to sing
They looked to him and said…

Burn us up…

You are able to deliver from the fire of affliction
It’s the declaration of my Lord
You’re not an image of gold
You’re the God of old
You have made us
Come and save us
We are Yours
But even if You don’t, (x3) we will burn, we will burn

Burn us up…


2 thoughts on “burn us up, shane and shane!

  1. jessica August 23, 2008 / 11:18 am

    WOW! What a worship song. I love how honest it is and I never thought about asking the Lord for something like that. It put me in check and made me think about how it’s always about Jesus, always, no matter what you would be thinking about while singing this, it’s always about Jesus.

  2. chelan August 24, 2008 / 2:56 pm

    jessica -thanks for commenting, girl! that’s what i like sometimes in worship songs – to be ‘put in check’. not just focus on His character, but ours in the face of sin…to push the envelope of your average w-song & sing something that your w-pastor would widen his eyes to. cause if it’s honest, you’re prob. getting that same response + a smile from Jesus.

    i so welcome your comments anytime..any way to get to know u better!

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