orgasms, sky diving and…chocolate

yes, they all have something in common. check this out. did you know your brain releases high levels of the same chemical during an orgasm as it does when you’re about to jump out of a plane? oxytocin. i’ve been researching this wonder chemical this week & found that it causes feelings of bliss or euphoria, & is secreted when you’re in love and also fully satisfied after a good meal. the medicinal form has been coined as ‘liquid trust’, as it’s been proven (with studies on breast milk production & nursing) to calm nerves & strengthen human relational bonding.

i say chocolate can officially be grouped with these two, by default. while chocolate itself doesn’t contain oxytocin, the fats it contains cause the stomach to signal the brain to release oxytocin…immediately. aaaaaaah. that’s what i’m talkin’ about. which answers why some refer to it as an aphrodesiac. be right back ~ off to the hershey kiss stash in my highest cupboard…(meanwhile, check out this interesting video i found, of how hershey makes their chocolate!)

….ok, i’m back. anyway, check out this article called ‘chocolate on the brain’ for more melt-in-your-mouth info or this one called “the two faces of oxytocin” for a well-rounded psychological perspective on the chemical. after reading them myself, i was so stunned how the human brain works in tandem with the body, that i told my husband all about my findings, to which he replied, “huh! how ’bout we see what it’s like to do all three at once? except chocolate’s just so high in sugar…and…we don’t have the money for skydiving, so…”


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