hit refresh

sometimes even though i try & convince myself that i’m not nearly as busy as others, it still doesn’t take the stress away. when the house is a mess, the baby’s temp keeps pushing 102 probably due to an ear infection, when i have self-image issues because of my worse than usual skin (& weight), it can all just feel …heavy. but the bulk of it comes from feeling anxious about starting a new job sept. 2nd without much experience or training as well as packing & moving into a new place all next week.

i was just wishing i could ‘hit refresh’ somewhere on my brain so i can clear out all the junk & start over with a ‘i can do all things’ perspective, when i opened my gmail to find a note from my mom. she shared with me something her pastor spoke on last night ~ the image of the yoke. i’ll share this part with you:

Church was so good… I can’t believe what a gift Kip has of pointing out all the things we need to be reminded of!… the character of God, & how he wants to (& is able to) help us with every little thing we need.  I tend to stress over stuff, but he reminded me that God has a yoke, & if I just surrender the issues I’m worrying about to him, and get along-side of him in that yoke, it’s now resting on him!  He is carrying the weight of the load, & he is responsible for the direction to go in, since he knows where he wants me to go!”

thanks, mom. you were the mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit today. i just love you.


One thought on “hit refresh

  1. Cathy August 27, 2008 / 2:20 pm

    Thank you! I am REALLY needing to hear and embrace this right now!! So much stress, many similar to your own. What’s the new job?

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