mini dachshund : sold to the biggest sucker!

…that would be me. i’ve been waiting in the wings for 3 yrs or so, and it paid off ~ she’s black w/caramel highlights & not quite 2 lbs of sweetness, puppy breath, timidity, oversized paws & puppydog eyes, poop, and a bark definitely bigger than her bite.

she brings back some great memories, growing up with one for 13 yrs. the best one that comes to mind was when my sister was sleepin’ like a rock on the couch one summer night, as a huge opossum got in through the back door. she half-woke and in her drunken stupor, thinking the rodent had somehow instantly waddled 15 ft. and fallen asleep on her feet, grabbed whatever was sound asleep on her feet, and threw it across the room. there was a “daaaaaaaad!” and then a “thump” followed by a “yelp!!”

poor lil wiener dog.

we’re deciding on a name today. any suggestions??


One thought on “mini dachshund : sold to the biggest sucker!

  1. Lynn T October 3, 2008 / 7:43 pm

    Well, you are not the only sucker on the planet 🙂 I found your blog by searching for pictures, I too just become the proud owner of a mini dachshund. She is the same color as yours and we named her Minnie Bean (after my grandmother). Good luck with potty training! So far, we have had no accidents in the house yay me! Although it has only been a mere 12 hours since we got her lol.

    Will you be crate training her indoors? Have you decided on a name? You can see my baby at


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