shoes off, pt.1

“shoes off at the door!”

the russ clan has been yellin’ that phrase for years.  we take them off to keep whatever’s stuck on them from dirtying our “nice” floors. i was just reading in a commentary that there are many reasons why people take their shoes off. i’ll hit a few here & then do a “pt.2” later, addressing one more.

as we meet together as believers, we’re to leave the mud of the world at the door. not in a “masky” way, but sincerely leave behind grudges, pride, attitudes amiss and hearts quick to judge. it’s tough for me to do. but maybe by the time we leave church, God’s done a work in our hearts that’ll make us want to abandon our dirty shoes altogether. jon courson says a 2nd reason to remove your shoes is because when you’re at home, you feel comfortable there. and the same should go for when we fellowship with others.

i went to a birthday party saturday and discovered that a girl there had the same kind of toes as i did! see, i’ve always been made fun of for my “retarded twin toe syndrome”. the last two toes on my left foot are the same squatty height. that 2nd to last one starts lower. i was talking with her dad & noticed that her other sister, who was in his lap, was staring at my toes. she whispered in his ear, “dad, she has a midget toe too!”. they yelled for the sister to come & see for herself & as i revealed my toes, she gazed in awe at this wonder which she thought was so unique to her. a huge smile brightened her face. God made two of us like that?

there’s no need to keep our guard up or put our best foot forward. we can relax & get comfy in God’s amazing love for us & not worry about pleasing or measuring up to others…for we know that we are fearfully & wonderfully made in His image. yes, even me. hmmm. could that mean Jesus had retarded twin toes?

(photo courtesy of my sister, charity, taken after she treated me to a pedicure. take a wild stab at which ones are mine)


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