today is blog action day! spotlight: poverty

this year’s global conversation is all about poverty. last yr.s was the environment. if you want in on the action today, you know what to do!

i’m just a single voice to let people know of an unbelievably wise & generous way to knock out poverty, one child sponsorship @ a time: compassion international. 

shaun groves, a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter, is a hugely instrumental spokesperson for CI & gave me these links to let all y’all know about Compassion’s efforts to eliminate poverty in the lives of little ones. click away!

-Compassion International child sponsorship page:

– What scripture says about poverty:

– New Compassion widgets:

– Compassion banners:

-Compassion Bloggers:

-Child Sponsorship explained:

-Compassion International videos:

-Compassion’s blog:

Thank you for partnering with us one again to release children from poverty. Let me know if you ever need anything from Compassion.

-Shaun Groves

i know i know, the question is always resounding, “what can one person do?” here are many answers, if you really care to know them…


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