hmmm, maybe God’s trying to tell me something

Thursday Nov. 13th, 11:13pm
my husb. & i got into a great discussion about why we do what we do. i love to sing. he loves to create graphics. but why? and for whom? when are we most fulfilled? when we’re in tune to God’s purpose. he mentioned when i used to sing in a women’s prison or to the ladies at the Gospel mission. it made me look inside and ask, why then am i rehearsing an entire set of Christmas songs…for just those at coffee shops? sure, i think it’s a cool atmosphere. but it’s not for me. so why stop there?
Friday Nov. 14th 2:01pm
wrote an email to a friend, and here’s some of what it said:
i want to be 100% open to God’s agenda this Christmas.
so what’s on God’s agenda? the hurting. the more i thought about it last night, i wondered why we’re limiting ourselves to coffee shops and a poss. restaurant. sure, we want to reach people that aren’t average church-goers. that’s kinda the def. of OUTreach. but austin is FULL of that demographic. according to statistics, about 85% of adults are lost, seeking, or simply resistant to any form of church or “organized religion”. for over two decades, this city has been one of the most UNchurched in America! we can go anywhere & people will be impacted.  but if we are Bible-believin’ musicians, we know that Jesus tells us in matthew 25 to do (or minister) unto the “least of these”, and we will do the same unto Him. who are the least of these? he speaks specifically of the hungry, thirsty, strangers without a place to go, naked, sick and imprisoned. what about in this area, at this time? i can think of a few…
  • those who are homebound, unable to get out on their own to hear musicians and who rarely have loved ones visit them (a nursing/convalescent home, jail or prison)
  • those who have been victims of abuse and who’ve had to move for protection, or are simply homeless w/no money for food or clothing (a shelter)
but is it too late to consider any of these? i don’t blv so. we only have one booking so far. and these don’t have to be a weekend gig. heck, we could even sort of treat them as rehearsals, but give them as much heart & soul, ya know? 
last night another idea came to me to intro a couple of songs with a comforting scripture…not nec. referenced with book chapter and verse, but some kind of non-pushy-sounding scripture….for (my favorite Bible passage in Is. 55 says that:) the Word never returns to the Father void, but ALWAYs accomplishes the purpose which He gives it – & unlike a general intro i could come up with, it has the power to be alive & active, energizing & transforming. i have NO IDEA who could have put that crazy idea in my head! (j/k!) but it’s worth a shot, in order to really make a positive impact on our listeners...i think.
Saturday November 15th, 1:34pm
placed a few calls – to the williamson county sheriff’s office to see if they would be interested in having a free Christmas concert for thier 650 inmates…cap’n burtlang sees no way it can happen across three floors (something about it being a “security nightmare”), but i’m not giving up that easy. and i called a local assisted living facility.
Sunday November 16th, 10:32am
walked into church after getting a drink of water, to hear the pastor preaching – his text & message was matthew 25:34-46 – serving and reaching out to the least of these…then, saw a media video 5 minutes later about the impact we can have, reaching out & giving of ourselves to those behind bars in the state of texas. prisoners’ lives are being completely transformed!
ok, God i’m listening…

2 thoughts on “hmmm, maybe God’s trying to tell me something

  1. Cathy November 17, 2008 / 3:57 pm

    I LOVE this idea you have Chelan! What an amazing way to use the talents that he has given you and Rick! And, once again, we are on the same wavelength. Obviously, we aren’t throwing a concert, but since (not christmas) but gift giving is going to be scarce this year for us, Billy and I decided to take our children and another family to a nursing home to sing carols, talk to them, and just visit and let our kids work THEIR magic:), and also to a shelter where we can just serve food with a smile. We are soooo excited to do this! Let me know how it all works out for you! Can’t wait to see what God does through you guys!

  2. Cathy November 17, 2008 / 3:59 pm

    I need to clarify:) Not JUST because gifts will be scarce, but it’s been a wake-up call for us with our financial difficulties that we need to be VERY intent about teaching our kids what it means to truly be a servant like Christ was…

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