Operation Christmas Child ~ now’s the time!

today i set aside a half hour to take the kids to the dollar store. i let my 6 yr.old pickout 6 things for a child across the world, who may have never ever opened a Christmas gift in his life. my boy was pretty stoked to help pick out the 6 goodies for anthother lil guy around his age. & so was i! together we chose:

  1. a toothbrush/toothpaste combo pkg ($1)
  2. a Bible story coloring book ($1)
  3. a box of generic crayons ($.50)
  4. a pkg of fun dip & a big lollipop (.50)
  5. a 3-pk. of no-show athletic socks ($3)
  6. a deck of ‘cars’ playing cards ($1)

so for $7. (plus shipping) it was not a bad investment…of time or money! a pretty dang good one, i’d say…& what a way to teach giving, compassion & selflessness.

check out here how you can do the same by getting a box & filling it with fun stuff…& best of all, sharing the love of God at Christmas time, to a child in need.



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