our live show @ the round rock starbucks ~ a success!

the show went good! well, instrumentally it was….different – i think like every other song there some mistakes, which is unlike the band, so that caught me off guard, but it still sounded really good.

this crowd was way more energizing than last weekend’s starbucks shows, too; they really seemed to be in the spirit! in fact, that was the best part. a mom of one of the 2-yr olds from where i work, ‘parents day out’ and her 2 kids came, a neighbor from my Hutto Mom’s group w/her kids, and my former aide, ms. bev came w/her her son and parents. VERY cool they all came to show some luv! there were many others that stayed the whole time & it seemed to be a busy night for coffee drinkers. two girls about 6 & 8 sat front & center & sang along, and even got up and danced during Jingle Bell Rock. their parents sat right by them & seemed to really enjoy it, espec. jack johnson’s vrsn of rudolf! she laughed at that last verse when i sang, ‘rudolf, he didn’t go for that, he said, i see through your silly games. how could you look me in the face when only yesterday you called me names?! (ouch!)’
it was so festive!

hmmmm what else….oh! at the end, i thought i’d add one more song (making it 15) … instd of ending w/’walkin in a winter wonderland’, i told ev’one how – gone are the days of gathering together & caroling as a community! so we’re gonna do somethin’ about that – don’t worry about your voice, just sing out (a capella), the great Christmas hymn by john f. wade, ‘o come all ye faithful’. so we just started singing ~ just two verses, & then we ended with: ‘for you alone are worthy (x3) Christ, the Lord’. it was sweet. for this last show tonight, i’m going to bring the words and pass them out on the tables, for more participation.

it was PDC!(pretty darn cool)! rene, our guitarist, told me he heard many leaving as they were singing it to themselves, which was just was i was hoping…that the meaning of that song & its lyrics would resonate in their minds & hearts, even after they left. what a night.



2 thoughts on “our live show @ the round rock starbucks ~ a success!

  1. Cathy December 13, 2008 / 11:00 am

    I just got chills…with I could have been there! My daughter would have been dancin’ the whole night. She never tires.

    • chelan December 13, 2008 / 1:45 pm

      oh, i bet! she looks like a boogy-er! or maybe just a booger. prob. depends on the day, huh.

      thanks for your e-support!!!!

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