worship ain’t just singing

worship today was really good. we sang the hymn, it is well with my soul. and there’s just something about old hymns, especially ones that were written by ordinary people in extraordinary trials, such as this one.

i love worship. as much as i think of myself and my own needs and wants, still,  i love to take my eyes off of me and put them on my Creator. to acknowledge Him, believe Him, appreciate Him, & see Him for who He is, not just what i can get from Him. and i can do that in so many ways.


it’s worship when i’m giving my time and talent and funds to the church & whatever Christ-centered causes tug at my heart,

by thinking about Him,

by serving in my church or community,

by singing alone or with my kids,

by talking about Him with my husband or a friend,

by staring in awe at nature’s ever-changing beauty,

by reading His Word,

by trusting Him,

by talking to Him like i would a friend…


any more you can think of?  let me know how y’all worship!


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