What do you do with Whispers from God?

I’ve heard about Bill Hybels…how he is a great author and pastor at Willow Creek, but I haven’t heard him or even seen him until I came across this message on my favorite church website, lifechurch.tv where Hybels was guest-speaking.

He talks about how we hear from a living God; how we are able to listen, what it sounds like, what we do with it when we hear it, what we miss when we ignore it, how we are used to impact lives when heed it.

I often underestimate the power that lives in  me, when I, one person, respond to that still small voice. I can change the outcome of a friend’s day, yes, but i can also change the outcome of an entire generation. And so can YOU. Take a listen:


O give me Samuel’s ear, an open ear, O Lord

Alive and quick to hear each whisper of thy word

And to obey Thee first of all

Like him to answer to Thy call


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