A Bray Say…

We finally got cable. After over 5 years of rabbit ears, we got cable. Two days later, after I saw Braylon watching some cartoon with teens in it, he became completely fixated on an idea he’d never heard of til now.

“I wanna be a goff!” “a goff? …you mean you wanna be goth?” “no, a goff. I wanna be in all black and wear those poky necklaces (as he gestures pokes all around his neck)”  “did you know they also wear make up?”  he paused in deep consideration, “yeah, I wanna wear make up too!” I just rolled my eyes, said no, & tried to change the subject.

Well, there was no subject-changin’. He had his mind settled. As Ricky got home, we were dressing to go out (to the Thia Spoon – a great lil place in Round Rock w/feng shui ambiance, friendly English-speaking waitstaff  and delicious green curry chicken). We rushed to the car.

The whole way there, if he wasn’t asking if he could become a goth, he was hinting at stopping by a shopping center or make-up store. Ricky, convincing me this was a phase, asked him whatgothboy goths do when they grow up- fight fires, design things, fix roads, etc. – to which he replied, “be scary!”

When we got onto Gattis School Rd.,  we looked back at him.

There he sat in all his black, with a short, black bungee cord hooked around his neck. Guess it was the closest metallic thing to a spiky necklace, he could find in the garage. I took it off of him and put it on myself, “it matches perfectly.”  Bray says one his 3-toned “mom!” ‘s & we all giggled as we walked into the restaurant.

I’m just hoping my hubby is right & that this is the only post I’ll ever write about my son becoming a goff.


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