What’s Important to You? Well, Get up and Do it.


Well? What is it?

Then do it.

Who is it?

Then be with that person.

Direct all of your energy into that which you have been gifted, called. Not enough time? That’s crap. You have the same 24 hrs every day as everyone else. Who has more control over your schedule than YOU? Rearrange what you do and who you focus on and how much time you may spend at work or church or wherever you spend too much of it.

Write it out what and who you value the most at this time – and then ask yourself honestly if your time and energy are going toward those things – those people. Then do it again a few months later, and again… let’s humble and search ourselves…and do it!

So again I ask, what’s important to you? Top 5 – or Top 3 things and Top 3 people. Let’s hear ’em…


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