Mini-Milestones of a Growin’ lil Girl

This week, our “baby” girl learned how to crawl out of her pack-n-play (which we were using for her to sleep in as a transition between crib & bed). One morning, she just walked right into our room and stood there smiling! Then next morning, I woke up to a cold finger and thumb grabbing a hold of my big toe. I just had to capture each step of how she managed to get out…& here’s what I got, in four easy steps:

1.) The angry drop-off


2.) A lesson in leverage


3.) Hurdle-hop


4.) The face of freedom


We actually put her down in her new big-girl bed (thanks to Mr. Paul’s generosity) around 8:45 that night, she would just play with her shutters or a book, and a few times would walk right out (greeted by a ‘pop’ on the hand) but yes, she did get to the end of her day around 10:20pm. She was so out by then, that neither the doorknob or the flash would wake her.our-sleeping-angel

Bye-bye binkie, bye-bye pack-n-play ~  just one last thing to cross off our list: diapers!


2 thoughts on “Mini-Milestones of a Growin’ lil Girl

  1. marda February 20, 2009 / 12:53 pm

    cute chelani, I hadn’t seen the last picture of her in her “big bed.” Our baby is growin’ up! …don’t let her grow up toooo fast, (if you can help it!) Being out of diapers would be nice though I imagine! 🙂

  2. February 21, 2009 / 2:50 am

    wow very nice
    really i like this blog

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