A Perfect Day

If you’ve ever wondered if or when you should give anything to people who are suffering from hunger and poverty, the answer is YES, and today is a perfect day to start.



Just a few years back, I remember moving to a new a new area with no job. We had no income to speak of. But The State of Oregon had laws in place to help us get the things we needed. They had an amazing class where my husband & I both learned the best ways how to get a job & keep it.empty As we searched & worked on our resumes, we received money in the form of an “EBT” card – over $400.00 a month, which more than covered all the food a family of three could ingest! Every time I pulled out that card to pay for groceries, I thanked my God in heaven for such extravagant provision. Ours is a nation truly blessed.


There are many developing countries that (without giving horrible statistics) have no laws in place & no options to aid their hungry people. But we can help them! You can help someone really live, along side Compassion. Think back – about what your family, friends, and government have given to you over the years to help when you needed it…and simply pass it on. $13, $39  or $78 – you choose the amount, to give a child all they really need to thrive ~ nutritionally and spiritually.

If someone asks you what day it is today, answer, “It’s Global Food Crisis Day”. A perfect day to start giving back – start influencing lives of the less fortunate in your journey with Compassion.

For some more info. on what this special day is about, check out fellow Compassion blogger (& designer), Brad Ruggles’ latest blog post, “Global Food Crisis Day Today“.


One thought on “A Perfect Day

  1. kim March 19, 2009 / 7:00 pm

    i’m proud to be a supporter of compassion. it’s been cool to write letters with our friend, mwangi in africa over the past 3 years…but more than the enjoyment of his letters is the opportunity to give back and help someone in need!

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