A Bray Say…

We let him sleep w/us last night and we were talkin’ about how we think we caught the last mouse in our house, with a loud trap in the kitchen that snapped and woke me up. I told Bray how I heard a loud noise and then a bunch of squeeking. He goes, “you mean, “meep-ing”?


After a few seconds of silence, (& thanks to daddy’s musical influence) we hear Braylon singing quietly,

“Oh, half-way there! Woah-oh! Meeping on a prayer!”

There was no prayer for this lil squeeker.


One thought on “A Bray Say…

  1. kim March 19, 2009 / 6:54 pm

    aww, poor fellow. i remember when i was in first grade…we lived in ft. worth…i woke up one morning and went into the kitchen and on top of the trash in the garbage can was a little gray mouse with his little head clamped inside a trap…i cried. i felt so sorry for him and remember thinking that he just wanted some food…why did he have to die?… so even still i am saddened to hear of little mice dying…although i know it has to be done.

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