What are you waiting for, faith? (speak your mind ~ there’s a poll!)

We’re in transition. Living here in the Austin area was something we had no real choice in ~ we were continually praying for provision in Southern Oregon while trying to keep a home-business afloat, & then we got a the call… to move to Texas for a great opportunity in Ricky’s field. He’s learned so much & we are so grateful.

But ever since the move back in late August of ’07, we have both had a sense that although we were content, our stay in Texas would be temporary. But again, we left that up to the Lord, as to when would be the best time to return to the Great Northwest and its beloved inhabitants (namely, my entire original & extended family, some of my husband’s,  & our old, but constant friends).

I’m learning a few things during the wait:

  • that my body doesn’t deal well with stress and anxiety when dealing with distance from my family. I had painful & daily stomach problems for over a month just after the move. 
  • God isn’t a one-shot deal, my way or the highway kinda Guy. He understands when we don’t know which way to go, or when. So if you pray for his will & your will to match up, he gently nudges you toward his ideal path. Desires change. Complacency dissapates. Faith emerges, and decisions can be made with clarity and assurance that if He knows our hearts are to just be closer to Him, and to our family, He’ll make a way. Doors will continually open (kinda like the intro to that old sitcom, Get Smart) …or they’ll continually shut.
  • Either way, He will provide. And I will trust in Him. I say that today, but yesterday I was wavering. Tomorrow, who knows how my emotions, faith and addiction to security will play out.
  • There’s always a Plan B with God. Yeah, yeah, He knows the plans He has for me (declares the Lord…) but wait – is that an “S” after plan? I’m thinkin’ that could mean He’s got all kinds of plans for me – not chronologically in place, but like, many plans for every single predicament I find myself in. So if my heart is to 1st glorify Him in my choices, and thankful to be a part of His plan, I really can’t go wrong with any of mine! Oh, cool – here’s a verse that backs me up – one of my moms’ faves – Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. (Amplified vsn adds, “…and secret petitions of your heart”). There’s also that one I love about seeking first the Kingdon of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.

But wait! There’s more!

I’m learning a lot about faith (growing in it, and living it out), and not conforming to patterns of this present age… and about the doctrines that separated the 1st real Christ followers (of the Reformation) from the rest of the world and how in living for others… we are dying to ourselves which makes us an increasingly unique people…and…well, I could write a dozen more things I’m learning & working through & song-writing about. But you’d be here for hours.

I’m just curious…(feel free to fill in the dot AND comment w/the details)


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