My New URL: it’s ME – DOT – ME!

Chelan.MECheck it! How cool is this? WordPress has served me well for 17 mo.s, but my hubs just scored me my own domain name & is having my old one routed to the new!  What’s cool about that?  I’ll tell you. I can do all kinds of new, customized designs, add fun plug-ins, &…it’s my name – my first name -& that’s it! Nothing else to try to remember ~ simply,

He’s the BESTEST! Now if only people could somehow remember my name…


One thought on “My New URL: it’s ME – DOT – ME!

  1. marda bebb April 1, 2009 / 9:29 am

    that’s cool chelanerz!! hope you really enjoy it. & how can anybody forget a name like chelan anyway?? LOve yooo!

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