A Bray Say…

DRAMA BOY ~ About an hour ago, Braylon woke up whimpering, so I sat next to him & tried talking with him.  He grabbed his head, whining, “my head hurts!” and “my throat hurts!” with eyes still tightly shut, he followed that with, “a marker! give me one. NO, give me two markers! All of them got two!”

   ok…note to self: 

  1. advil
  2. hot echinacia tea
  3. two markers

ThenI heard, “I need to blow my nose!” When I followed him into the bathroom to hand him some TP, he tried to blow, but nothing came out. So he started crying, like loudly…saying, ” my nose doesn’t work!!” It was all I could do to not laugh out loud. A few minutes passed & I asked him, “how does your throat feel now?”  He explained, “well, kinda like a fire ant bit it inside.” We went to sit on the couch for a spell when he started complaining about how his tears were warm & his whole face hurt, even to wipe them away.


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