The Refocus of a Blog


Ya know, I figure since I got this new, easy zoomed-in domain, it’s about that time to get my writing more focused. I don’t know why, but to me, it seems scattered (pretty characteristic of my self-diagnosed A.D.D. behavior).  But I don’t feel the need to branch out and cover a wide range of topics or to say my piece about politics or the latest headline. I don’t get a lot of traffic (and maybe that’s why), but I am so glad that God has helped me MUCHLY with not being concerned w/”how many & who” visits this lil corner. For me, I’ve found that that way of thinking can get dangerous and lead to…as silly as it may sound…an addiction to social media technolofame (did I just coin that last word)?

I haven’t even wanted to write much about myself, like what I’m doing every day … or check my Technorati  blog-rating or Alexa rating or view my daily blog stats ~ cause I don’t want to be THAT person. You know, the kind who’s officially crossed the county-line into the land of self-absorption & upside-down priorities?

When Ricky & I traveled to Hawaii for our 10-yr. anniversary, I had my nose in this ultimate traveler’s guide whenever we drove from attraction to adventure to restaurant & back again. I can’t help but wonder what I missed. I was so focused on reading about where the action was. But if I’d stopped and looked out my window, pulled over, opened my door & walked down an abandoned trail, God knows what kind of experiences and sites full of wonder and beauty, awaited me. As a blogger, I wonder the same. Am I missing out on a thousand blessed moments ‘cuz I’m too busy commenting on a thousand others?

I fear addiction and I fear pride…possibly cuz I know just how vulnerable I am to both. So half of me wants to blog all my waking hours, but half jesus-and-computerwants to quit this business altogether. Sometimes I sit & wonder if Jesus would have blogged back in his day. My gut usually tells me he would have been too busy. Maybe instead of telling his disciples to eat of his flesh and drink of his blood (John 6:56), he would have published a post about it…and then watched his ratings & comments & “followers” just plummet. He’d have had like a 98.5% bounce rate (that was for you, baby – that SEO lingo you teach me sure makes me feel smart!).

But I’ll keep writing. Why? For my kids…and their kids.  And hopefully theirs. Not just to show them old posts of how they looked with crazy bubble-bath hair, but so they can read intimate thoughts about my family and my God. It seems like everything on TV and the internet, even Christian-penned blogs these days, is centered around that which has no eternal value. I get into a show or a post, & next thing I know, I’ve just given an hour of my God-given time over to mind-numbing surface crap that will have absolutely no relevance in the long run.

I’ll keep writing, but try and narrow it down to what matters most – my family & my God (and the details that swim around them: struggles and blessings, challenges, temptations, prayers and amazing victories…and OK, music is def. in the running too ~ I jus’ can’t stop writing about music! It’s such a passionate thing inside of me!). But that’s pretty much it. These things have been soooo on my mind since about the new year. So writing about them is just natural.

No quotas to fill

No writing to please a public I don’t even know

No expectations from followers

…except maybe the one sitting right next to me on the couch, touching me with her sticky fingers, & looking up to me with those big green eyes.




Joshua 4:21-24 NLV

Then Joshua said to the Israelites, “In the future your children will ask, ‘What do these stones mean?’ Then you can tell them, ‘This is where the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’ For the Lord your God dried up the river right before your eyes, and he kept it dry until you were all across, just as he did at the Red Sea when he dried it up until we had all crossed over. He did this so all the nations of the earth might know that the Lord’s hand is powerful, and so you might fear the Lord your God forever.”


One thought on “The Refocus of a Blog

  1. Marlena April 4, 2009 / 8:51 am

    Chelan, I so enjoyed this post! I think it’s an encouragement to all to “refocus” their time and energy on those things that matter most! And, what a relevant verse!

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