AngeLingo – about a tickle

The family tradition continues…from my husband’s mom, and then from us to our son…and now we’ve got our baby girl hooked. Last night she woke up at 11:45, crying. She sat in front of a bowl of Cocoa Crispies, and almost nodded off into it, until something jogged her awake & she ate. After crawling onto our bed, she laid there with me as I finished a movie. She was sick, so it was allowed.  Then shells onto her tummy and says,img_02512

“Momma, kee-kle back.”

I asked my husband if he heard her, & he smiled. My fingertips barely traced her back ~ in circles, figure 8’s & criss-cross patterns,  just like I’ve tickled my son’s & husband’s for years, and just like his mom tickled his, as a child. Angel was so lethargic, we were willing to let her stay in our bed overnight for the 1st time,  but when she had her fill, she slithered off our bed & snuggled back into her own. I was kind of disappointed. These are the kind of sweet moments that, if I let them, make me cry.


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