Stepping out in Faith, toward my Potential, & away from Distractions

God is always teaching me,  if I’m willing to listen; willing to learn. Willing to put down the lesser important things and soak it up. DANG IT ALL if I don’t constantly find myself having to re-prioritize! But my inspiring husband brought me to tears in a good way, today. He was encouraging me to listen to the Lord’s voice, to remember his calling, ponder his purpose, & spend my energy (not in part, but all of it) to seek to be used by him to reach the lost, by way of my voice (and my hands). Oh, and drop everything that encumbers or weighs me down. This is key. This will be hard for me, because many things i enjoy for fun – are (if I’m being honest with myself) actually weighing me down – slowing me – distracting me – from attaining the very goals that my God has for me.

I can write 782 more songs

I can sing for thousands

I can learn 23 more chords

I can play guitar and lead people into worship

I can teach 30 worship songs to my children

I can sing to children who are sick & bed-ridden in a hospital, or to women in prison

I can do all these things & a lot more through Christ who will give me strength, but I need to first get past any shame and regret of NOT doing these things yet, have faith that anything is possible with the God I serve, and in everything I do, step out & do it whole-heartedly, as if working for the Lord and not for men.

A big, big thing I learned from Dr. Myles Munroe in ’07, is that the richest places on earth are graveyards. Far too often people die without fulfilling their full potential. But I will, yet again, determine to keep these accomplishments from going to the grave, decaying with my body when I die. My hands and voice, unused to uplift the sick & oppressed; my songs unwritten, unsung, unplayed…these can do nothing for His glory!

God help me. Friends and family, help me. Please keep me accountable to doing all I can to reach my potential in Him.


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