Isn’t it Ironic? Look at these shots I took of a nearby accident



Ok, if you didn’t catch it, this car crashed head-on into an insurance agency. 


These photos were taken last weekend, April 28th @ about 2:44pm. At the time of impact (just minutes before), my back was turned as I was placing an order for my kids at the Burger King across the street. After the ambulance, fire trucks & police arrived, Braylon was eating his fries and said, “We should pray for those people who crashed into that building“. I replied, “That is a great idea. How ’bout you do that.”

I don’t remember his prayer, but it was compassionate and to-the-point. … two things that seem to characterize my awesome lil boy.

Holy Spirit, lead him in your ways and continue to soften his heart to the things that we can become desentitized to, this day and age. Grow him in your love and prompt him to act quickly in it.



One thought on “Isn’t it Ironic? Look at these shots I took of a nearby accident

  1. marda bebb April 25, 2009 / 2:49 pm

    That’s my grandson!

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