What makes a good week


This week was a good week.

  • Enjoyed some worship from the Word – I’m talkin’ great songs w/scriptural truth
  • Sipped a Starbucks Red Eye w/extra cream
  • Practiced a sweet new chord progression on my guitar (Amaj7, Cmaj7, G,D)
  • Got some fancy new strings
  • Watched the best American Idol in a while, w/my husbee
  • Had a great 23 minute conversation w/my Dad about Purpose & Drive & the Autoharp
  • Decided to officially volunteer as a family @ a Taylor rest home & researched more on how to get involved singing at the Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Was healthy ~ in my body, mind & spirit – and my family was too!
  • Administered a 7-way Parvo injection to protect my lil 9-mo.old weenie dog, Daphne. My husbee was very helpful w/his distraction technique ~ ham bits
  • Worked on this week’s lesson plans for my 3 yr olds @ Parent’s Day Out, complete with crafts like straw collages, food-coloring spaghetti plates, contact-paper sparkly jelly-fish & paper donuts w/glitter sprinkles

…And it’s only Wednesday. Bring on some more of your goodness, Lord. Or not. I hope I’m ready for whatever you got.


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