A Shout-Out to my Sis, a True Artist and Entrepreneur

I just have to say a quick “Hallelujia & YOU GO, GIRL!” to my sister, Charity, for kickin’ some bootay today at her 1st official art show!

Char, you encourage & inspire me to step out further into what it is I’m called to do, & do it to the best of my ability. You’re proving that when a hard-workin’ woman goes for something & doesn’t let people discourage her because of her age, gender, etc…truly amazing things can happen. I mean, you’re not only beginning to realize the tip of your creative potential, you’re making hundreds of dollars at your 1st show…and hundreds more in orders?! Come ON, woman! I just wanna cry with joy over you!

p.s. ~ I’ve officially fallen in love w/your “Coffee is my Friend” mosaic.

Anyway, enuf w/all that ~ if you are reading this, and don’t know my beautiful sister Charity, or what her artwork is all about, you must at least click on her site…&/or place an order…(or 3).



And… one more photo from today’s show, w/links so you can give some love by visiting her corner of the www.


“Momma Mosaics”

“Momma Mosaics Etsy Shop”



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