Today, I turned 33. So what’s to celebrate?

There was nothing exceptional about this day, my birthday. I’m 33 now, but don’t feel any older, or any younger than what I am. I had no cake or party like I used to. Below is a summary of my wonderful day – Day #1 as a 33-year old:

I woke up early to sing at church. I was excited to be singing a song I loved by Tommy Walker, & no one else really knew, so to help teach it was fun. During Sunday School, I watched Angel in the lobby, show off for all the people there.  She likes her new-found liberty of choosing who she says “hi” to or high-fives. Half the time, she hides her face in the back if my knee or if I’m holding her, my neck…making me come up with some reason as to why she’s selectively hospitable.  I put her hair up in a pony on top today, which wasn’t the best idea, as it pretty well showcased the scissor-mishap we she had last week (partially butchered bangs). But even with her crazy hair, her amazing smile and outfit and phrasings – they won me over….along with the lobby-folk. Rick came in and brought me a Red Eye from Starbucks (Brewed coffee with 1 shot of espresso). It was very thoughtful..and very strong.

We decided to agree to let Braylon sit in big church w/us today if he stayed quiet & sat fairly still. He actually did. I was surprised! While I was up front singing, I guess there was about 10 seconds where, after observing how some adults around him were expressing worship, he thought he’d try something new. Rick told me he looked down and saw him with outstretched arms toward heaven, eyes closed as he sang. I sure wish I’d have seen that. However, toward the end of a great sermon about passing on a legacy to generations to come, we were laying hands on or extending them toward people scattered around who stood in need of prayer. As I did this I looked next to me and noticed Braylon had his hand extended toward the same woman mine was. 

All day, throughout the day, he said many thoughtful things and kept wishing me a happy birthday…even said he loved me twice as much today. When I took him to Target later & showed him the beautiful card (not blank!) his daddy got for me, I said, “daddy sure loves me.” to which he replied, “I know. I try to love you more than daddy… But it’s too hard”.

I shopped for some nicer than usual shampoo, Haagen Dazs ice cream & two shirts (& tried on 4 dresses for my trip to Portland next week). My mom sent me a text saying the dress I like best was in my size at her Target & she got it for me…before I even left the parking lot!

Bray & I came home and spent the evening in the warmth of the descending sun & of our little family, shooting hoops and eating ice cream.

I was fortunate to be able speak with many loved family members today ~ my mom, sister, dad, janis & jan. A few times I got to try out my b-day present from my hubs: a cellphone earpiece so I can talk & be hands-free while I drive or shop. 

I told Braylon of how special he is – one of a kind – & how I love that no one is or ever will be like him. He replied with, “TJ’s hair looks like mine.” Then after I heard Angel call for me at 9:47pm, I sang “Drifting” as I pushed her green blankie up against her face…and watched as it put her right out.

There was nothing celebratory about this day, but that’s ok with me. I celebrate in my heart for the little discoveries, expressions of thoughtfulness, gratitude, curiosity… and for Chocolate Peanut Butter Haagen Dazs.


One thought on “Today, I turned 33. So what’s to celebrate?

  1. Cathy May 18, 2009 / 7:01 pm

    Sounds like a celebration of YOU, to me.:)
    Happy Birthday Chelan!! …a little late.
    I’m thankful God formed you and knew about you from the beginning of time!

    What days will you be here??:)

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