Field Day Fun

Today was filled with relay races, water hoses, baseball tosses, sponges & a lot more outdoor adventuring.It was the 2nd year I’ve been able to attend Braylon’s Field Day. While I was there, taking pictures with my phone,  memories came flooding back from all my Field Days at Community Christian School.

See, my dad wasn’t just my dad – he was my school Principal. He was the reason I can recall how to spell “Principal” to this day – because he was every students’ “pal”. I was just telling Bray how much fun he used to make that last day of the school year, each year. It was the day that we all looked forward to months in advance. Why? Well, a few reasons: I remember sack- & water relay- races, water-balloon & egg tosses, a wicked cool water-balloon launcher w/50 ft. high poles (at least to me), & a steep grass hill we rolled down until our tummies ached (& then ran our dizzy heads into ea. other). The biggest blast of all (besides the launcher) was the planned scavenger-treasure hunt. Each class had custom clues to find their own chest filled with candy, hidden under the ground! One year, he even let me help make the clues and hide the treasure.

Here I am, 33, and I remember things…details…with a smile on my face, from 23-25 years ago. That school is still pillar of outstanding Christian education in the great city of Tualatin, OR., now Horizon Christian Schools…with an “s” : an elementary, middle and high school. His many years there have left a legacy. My memories exist because my dad took time for children. Not just to teach them, to punish their bad behavior, or to strum and lead songs about the Lord every Friday for Chapel.  Bruce Bebb encouraged children go on adventures, use their imaginations, & have a ton of fun.

Thanks, Dad. I love you.










One thought on “Field Day Fun

  1. Pops May 22, 2009 / 9:39 pm

    These are the kindest words ever written of me. And coming from my wonderful blue eyed daughter makes it doubly sweet! Thanks muchly.

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