The Recession in light of giving

What do you start eliminating when your budget’s tight? Somethin’s gotta give, right? Starbucks? Clothes shopping? Restaurants? Or that charity you signed up for a while back? 

The President of Compassion Int’l, our favorite non-prof., just sent me an email saying essentially that their numbers have dropped dramatically – people are either not signing up or discontinuing their support altogether due to the economic issue we’re all having. As a Compassion blogger, it makes me kind of sad…and mad. Although CI is celebrating a monumental event, the mark of their ONE millionth child concurrently sponsored (you MUST see the video below!), they are still needing to “up” the monthly amount it takes to sponsor a poverty-burdened child by a few dollars for those who agree to it. I was hoping the #’s of those sponsoring – wouldn’t go down much, but they have. When we start feeling the pinch, we start eliminating the extras.

It makes sense…if you consider giving to the poor – an “extra”….instead of the right thing to do out of obedience to God, regardless of your income. I’ve been tempted to stop giving before…even done so for a few months.

I guess what I failed to see then and now see clearly is how this recession has impacted 3rd world countries and organizations like Compassion International who help them…a lot.

It’s made the poor, even poorer

the hungry…even hungrier

the sick…even sicker

the dying without hope of medicine or cure.

It’s when our bank accounts are hurting that the Lord looks all around the earth for his chosen to step up to the plate and continue to pour out what we can- whatever we can, even if it sets a back a bit. The faith it takes to do this will NOT go overlooked by a gracious, rewarding and ever-loving God. Our God. And He will be faithful to accomplish what He has set out to do, in our lives and in the lives of the suffering who benefit.

~ My Plea ~

Please consider sponsoring a child to provide them a chance to be fed nutritious food, taught & shown the love of God, & His Word, attend a real school, even get little toys  & letters & drawings that put a smile on their face.

For those who already sponsor one & may be thinking about how you need that money to go elsewhere, please re-think that. Your letters, your gifts, your prayers & your sponsorship have made a huge huge difference – one that connects hearts and crosses international barriers. Don’t stop giving. What God has revealed to you in the light, he will not withdraw in the dark. Thank you so much.

Here’s that video about how one person can effect the life of one child- the one millionth child sponsored through Compassion. Enjoy!


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