A Weekend with Family in East Texas

I’m a little late in writing this, but last weekend we missed our family in East TX (it had been since March) & Rick had been working on a project for his Gam, so we took the 5 hr drive to see them. For photos of our lil getaway, just click here!

She was gracious and kind and let us stay with her Friday & Saturday night. Angel is potty training, and she did pretty well on the trip (except for #2, when she freaks out & won’t go til the last second, in her diaper). But she was so proud of her big-girl “pennies”, she showed them off to Gam again & again. Rick composed a digital version of Gam’s house to make it look like a Thomas Kincade, and even had it printed & stretched on canvas for her.


She was so impressed with “Gam & Papa’s Haven”, she said she could look at it all day…& wanted him pick the perfect place for it to hang right away. So he put it by her living room Barbie case, lit by the small table lamp just under it.

We all played with dominoes and watched Sponge Bob Squarepants (yes, even Gam), oh, and ate a whole chocolate cake with white 7-minute icing, which she gammade from scratch for her grandson. She was happy we came, saying that sometimes a week goes by when she doesn’t leave her house, or speak to a single person. But she’s grateful for Amy (who came out to grace us with her presence once) and for her new Presto email machine & all the messages and photos she receives. It was a wonderful gift from her daughter Sherry. Ricky’s Grandma had plenty o things to talk with us about. And we were happy to talk with her too. She is lovely!!!

Sunday morning rolled around & we packed up to make a visit to Arp. We stopped by The Woods Baptist Church & had Braylon & Angel surprise Papa Rick right when he was through teaching Sunday School.  Papa & Granny took us out to eat & then let us watch The Little Mermaid & play with their new Wii ~ Braylon got a big kick out of it!  Papa Rick even pulled them both behind his riding lawn mower! They were extatic. We waited until after our yummy chicken spaghetti dinner to leave for Hutto again.

It was a weekend well spent.



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