Playing at the Symphony with Angel, & in the Creek with Braylon

I am so thankful I’ve been able to spend some precious time with my lil ones lately. Week-in-Review! Monday we designated as date night, but not for Ricky & me…we split up with the child we were about to be away from for 8 days (while the boys traveled to the great NW)! So, I took Bray to the creek & (per his request) to Golden Chick where they served the best Diet Coke on tap that I’ve ever tasted, which we mixed with free ice cream for some d-lish, foamy Coke floats. Our date was kinda slimy, slippery, full of discovery & refreshment….and I got some footage to prove it.

Meanwhile, Ricky took Angel to DQ & Walmart & they had a sugery blast, just Daddy & daughter.

Yesterday, I took Angel to the hospital to see my friend, Candy’s baby, just hours after birth. She loved looking at that sweet, fragile newborn. And today, we got up, gobbled up some cereal & drove downtown to take in all the sights, sounds, tastes, scents & feelings that Children’s Art in the Park (put on by the Austin Symphony) had to offer. It was the last one of the summer, so I’m stoked that I happened to stumble on the website a few days ago! Angel had a complete blast, not to be mistaken by a partial blast…those we seem to have every once in a while  🙂  …no, today was a complete one.  And again, I got some footage to prove it!


july 09 039

july 09 048

july 09 036

july 09 046

july 09 047

july 09 051

july 09 019

july 09 021

july 09 020

july 09 027

july 09 024

july 09 025

july 09 030

july 09 032


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