AngeLingo…about our dachshund’s boogers & happiness

Earlier tonight Angel was just crackin’ me up…running to the bathroom, running back to the couch (where we were all trying to watch Bedtime Stories), and she puts some toilet paper up to Daphne’s nose & says seriously, “Ok, blow!” and then as if it will help Daphne to see it visually demonstrated, Angel blows as hard as she can out her nose (thank God it was clear of any obstacles) & says laughing, “Goggie, boogez, nose, blow!” She leaves the tissue on Daph’s nose just long enough for her to bite it, which in turn struck a major funny bone. Especially the one time when Daphne sneezed. Angel laughed so hard, she fell on the floor. Then repeated the process 2-3 x’s. I couldn’t help laughing either (as her poor Daddy was on the other couch trying to hear the movie).

Her sweet voice melts me. Her giggle infuses its way through my ears & tickles me from the inside out & there is no stopping at the very least, a smile. And, ok, I know I’m so like the typical “bragging mom” here, but I can’t help but notice other 2-3 yr. olds & see a difference! She is so happy. Which makes me thrilled. In fact last night, when Ricky was taking them home from Dairy Queen, there was a rare happening – a quiet moment in the car – which she burst into pieces with a loud & distinct, “ANGEL HAPPY!”  Hmmm… could this have had anything to do with a Cherry Dilly Bar? Nah!



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