A Bray Say…about an Indian Princess

The other day, I was driving with Braylon & Angel & my mom in the back seat, and we were helping Bray come up with the names of all the Disney Princesses. He thought of every one of them, but I added one more to the list, hinting to see if he could figure out her name.

She’s not blonde, she’s got long black hair…& she’s an Indian…  (silence)


Po… (silence)



Well, close! Then I tried to remember the American’s name (who she was in love with) and the closest I got to John Smith, was Will Smith. So we just drove around laughin’ about our imaginary Disney couple, Pocasaurus and Will Smith (Still waitin’ on Ricky to come up with some kind of graphic to illustrate this one!). Guess we need to brush up on our history!


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